Saturday, October 12, 2013

Biological Unspoken Laws Of Allurement

According to studies sex,gender, sexual behavior and preference are completely different things.
 Well, not completely different, just completely individual from one another. I had this idea to talk to you about this for a long time and now I also have the time! So, let's talk about "sexy".

Sexy is something subjective. But what is it that makes us perceive something as unique and sexy?
Darwin said that some humans( or animals) get lucky more often due to sexual selection. What that means is that a member of a species, let's say a female peacock, constantly prefers another peacock which suits its criteria. This is what humans call "type".

In the example of the peacock, the male ones have a more flamboyant feather pattern on their tails as the females. This pattern is to show that a certain peacock is healthy, strong and has good genes, therefore ready to get it on.
But enough with the peacocks. Humans have evolved to like more traits than others and those preferences date back to when the survival of the species was necessarily important. In that sense, what we perceive as beauty is basically a showcase of health and fertility information about a person. That's the reason why there exists a thing called make-up. Shiny means health and healthy is appealing.

By the same token, people are also attracted to symmetry. Meaning the well-known hip-to-waist ratio (or more commonly what people call and hourglass figure for women for example). This basically means, that person produces the ideal amount of sex hormones - estrogen or testosterone.

Although, this is a globally accepted appears, you as a person may feel a little bit "meh" towards somebody genetically perfect. Well, that is what is called pheromones. Every single one of us produces different signals which we call "good chemistry" when matching with another person.