Saturday, September 14, 2013

This Means War

There's war in Syria. As if you didn't know that already. Syria has always had some issues regarding peaceful coexistence. But it isn't something unthinkable to us. We, in the Western World, could go into war, just 'cause. Just like everybody could. Vengeance is in our nature. And it turns into warfare, when it reaches the line of fanaticism and crosses it.

What fanaticism is, is probably well-known. It can be found everywhere. Even a 13-year-old girl, who is in love with 1Direction and would tear every single one of their haters apart can be considered fanatic. Although fanaticism and fandom are different terms, they are very much the same in our day and age.

But, generally speaking, there has always been this tendency to go overboard on our beliefs.

Every single war that has happened in the history of mankind, just before the World War I and II, were caused by our need to make somebody believe that we are the absolute and our opinions are the only notion that is correct. Most of these wars were caused by religious beliefs. If you think about it even modern wars, like the WWI and WWII, were triggered by religion. Only another kind of religion, the modern one, money and power.

The war in Syria isn't something that is unnatural, but it is something that needs to stop. The lives of people shouldn't have to be jeopardized just because there are people who think that power is more important than solidarity and humanity. Peace is for all of us.