Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Future And Decisions

I have had this question lately. Do we make our own decisions or is everything in or life predetermined?

I been thinking about an answer to this question for a couple of days now and have come to a conclusion. But I'd like to first put you through my train of thoughts, so that you have the opportunity to form you own answer, if you will.

My first reaction was, basically, the old "how the hell should I know". Because it's a pretty general question. It's like being forced to tell somebody if God exists or not. Everybody has a different opinion.

Then I thought of the saying "Everything happens for a reason", which didn't help much, because it isn't clear if one makes something happen for a reason or if something magically happens without any prompting.

But after I slept it off I have come to the conclusion that we have free will for a reason. We utilize it in our everyday lives, so we must use it for making decisions about or future. We use it to break out of margins and conform to or show opposition towards some patterns.

Sure the circumstances can have an impact to our decisions, but nothing is predefined for us. In the end the destiny/fate controls you as much as you let it do so.