Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Went out with a friend I have known for almost 8 years and been friends with for 5. She's great.  Anyway, after we took our exams in Ancient Greek and Physics we decided to go out to get some coffee. A long the way a thing popped up that I find very interesting, so here I go.

Self-esteem. Such a complex thing. I prefer to call it self-image, but it's technically very similar.
There are two basic categories that form our self-image. There's external reactions and there is character.

External reactions is what I like to call the comments one gets from others. Whether positive or negative they still have some impact. Such reactions can cause extreme happiness or sudden distress respectively. These comments revolve around looks and posture, much like the ridicule one gets from walking strangely. That's the reason why you should surround yourself with positive and supporting people.

The other thing is character. And most importantly how you perceive rejection. In a sense you accept yourself, but you want others to actually validate that fact. For example you are out with a girl/guy and they prefer to hit on your friend that you or a friend decides to hang out with some other people and not you. Then your ego is pretty damn hurt. But you have to remember it's called SELF-esteem not HIS/HERS-esteem. Many of us have some great features that make us unique and beautiful. By the same token one simple rejection isn't to make us feel bad about what we are.
Only we know who we are. We can either act like it's the end of the world or move on to somebody that cares enough to judge us for who we are and not who we appear to be.