Thursday, May 9, 2013

How To: Talk Somebody Into Something

As a Greek I have learned a lot about Ancient Greek stuff, because we are forced to learn them in school. So far I have found only one way that my forefathers thought that can be applied in everyday life.

They had developed a method to persuade anybody into anything. I thought I haven't done a "how to" post in a while, so why not let you in on the secret?

There was actually a profession then, the Orators, who used that method. So you know it was applied and bore fruits.

Firstly, logical argumentation. Simple, right? Before going to tell somebody off or do bargains, make sure you have a plan. This plan usually consists of pro and contra arguments, such as in modern debates. The most vital thing is to think of how the person would react to your arguments and prepare accordingly.

Secondly, add credibility to your arguments. If you see that the other person isn't affected by your speech, drop some names (famous people) that have said a valuable quote. These people should be fitting to your general topic of discussion. If, for example, you talk about a law case, which is unusual, but still... Don't mention any of the Kardashians, because you will be going down!

If the quote doesn't work, use your skills to make the person you quoted as perfect as possible. Create a believable illusion. If the person you named isn't that widely-known, paint a nice image of them, make them seem as moral as possible. . You never know, your "partner" might take the bait and give in.

Lastly, add sentimental value and/or flatter.  If all else fails just remember, you are talking to another human being. Just say something deep or sentimental and you'll be done. If the person you speak to is an acquaintance or a friend, just be honest, but if they are a stranger, a little sentimentality will get you a long way. It's also advisable to flatter the other person or at lease make sure they see themselves as superior to you, because then they aren't that much alert.

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