Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How To: Deal With Insecurities

I'm not as smart as he is. I'm not as pretty as she. Oh, I will never succeed in life! She is so much more talented that I am...
Most of us have the habit of comparing ourselves to others. That leads to us feeling like shit and the worst part is that it is inevitable. If we don't do it consciously, there is no guarantee that it won't happen subconsciously. Even if the other person isn't perfect, they are seemingly perfect to us. The idea we have of somebody is what gets us down, not their actual abilities.

Every person who has ever lived in this world has experienced it many times. It is not something you can avoid, but it is very natural. Most of us want to eliminate that feeling of inferiority, we haven't found any ways to do that, though. So, today I would like to give some advice to you, regarding this topic. How can we deal with insecurities?
You have to remember than even the most competent people feel that way and had to deal with insecurities before.
The most effective way is to confront your insecurities, rather than feeling sorry for yourself or mopping around praying for a miracle. Think of it that way, this perfection you see and envy can serve as inspiration for you. Is somebody thinner than you? Start a diet. Every time you think about caving, think of their face. Remember how it made you feel.
Nevertheless, you shouldn't feel stupid for feeling that way. You are a normal human being, with normal feelings. If I were to tell you that somebody is fine with themselves, I would be lying. If you have done badly at a test or got fired for the one or the other reason, you should keep in mind that anybody would feel the way you do, once they were in your shoes.
Of course, to start doing all of that you need acknowledge the reasons as to why you are insecure. The most common way is to just talk to a trusted person, one you know that isn't going to judge you.
If you deal with whether you are beautiful enough or not, start asking around what beauty is. You will get a lot of different answers, so you should remember that most things in life are subjective. You may think that red hair is beautiful, but not everybody is going to agree with you. It will become evident that even the way somebody smiles or laughs is attractive, not how they look.
Last but definitely not least is finding something you are passionate about. If you start working on being as good as you can at that, then you'll a lot more happier and you'll be able to shrug everything else off. You'll start dwelling on the things you are good at and not the ones that you think aren't your strong suit.

Hope the post helped you get some motivation to work on your insecurities. Don't forget to smile today!