Saturday, April 20, 2013

Perfection and Acceptance

We strive for perfection and we look for perfection. We want flawless appearance and faultless behavior. That's what's acceptable.
But, as everything in life, perfection is subjective.
Of course, society has always defined what perfection is. Yes, this is a social issue, as well.
And most of the time, society affects our own opinion of perfection. If we grew up with a role model of somebody blonde, then that's what we look for. Somebody blonde is now something we seek. Every single stimulus we have ever received forms what we are willing to accept. That's why people of different countries have various opinions of what is beautiful and what isn't.
We, ourselves, try to achieve perfection. We work on our appearance and on our social skills. Dieting is one of the most usual ways, which is manifest. We try to be accepted and in the process we tend to forget why we do it. Then, we search for people that are willing to overlook our "unacceptable" flaws, and like us for who we are and not what we are.
If we have been accepted by somebody "perfect", our standards become really high, due to the safety and comfort, and we tend to brush off everybody who isn't that. Just because we have the upper hand. Most of the times, that's not the case. We usually aim high and fall or have low standards which cannot be raised, because of lacking confidence.
Today there are many ways to be perfect, plastic surgery, extensive make-up and social networks. You can pretend to be "just right" and that causes loneliness or depression, because we can't ever reach this false notion of the perfect person.
Of course, it should be noted that without this tendency, there probably wouldn't be any progress.

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