Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Let's talk about faces.

Yes, indeed. The title isn't really clear. This time I'd like to talk about faces, as in the faces you put like a mask every time you are with different people, so that you get accepted. Why not call the title masks ,then? The word face is a great way to express my Greek roots. There is a great word that sums up all that I want to talk about in this post. Διπροσωπία.  It means " the state of having two faces".
As you can tell, let's talk about hypocrites.
There are two groups of hypocrites in my opinion, the subconscious ones and the deliberate ones.
The first group is no other than you and I. Every person in this world needs to act just a little bit just to survive. We are social creatures and we need to have people around us. So we pretend to have things in common with others, we laugh with some silly jokes of theirs and we seem interested even if they talk about their amazing new roof they built.
The deliberate hypocrites have the same motives as we, but they like to spice things up. They like to run people down behind their backs. It's understandable up to a certain limit, because we are imperfect creatures, but when you start doing it as a form of hobby, then you fall into that category. And there is where the snowball starts to roll.
I believe you are familiar with the snowball effect. If you are not, please Google it. I can wait...
All done? Great. Now that you are familiar with it, let me explain why I believe that. As humans we have huge egos. And as humans we try to defend our image. And how do you defend yourself against gossip? You yourself start to run the person who started it down.
I have had a similar experience not that long ago, and to tell you the truth it's great to feel in control and talk trash about a person. But it's like eating chocolate you love it when you eat it but hate yourself for the rest of the day.

Moral: We like to feel safe. For many of us safety is having people around us, so we do everything in our power to acquire as many as we can. For others it's about having control and feeling superior by running people down behind their backs. Either way, there are limits to everything and it is good to know when you cross the line, so you can stop.