Wednesday, April 17, 2013


What is it we consider beautiful?
Sure there are many factors that define beauty for each individual. For some it's the facial characteristics that matter, for others merely the body type. In the Middle Ages beautiful women were those who were rather bashful and corpulent. Now all that is considered beauty lies into one basic trait. Don't be fat.
That is what society considers the line people should follow, in order to be "beautiful". This can be seen in beauty pageants or modeling shows. Of course, there are numerous other aspects of your appearance that should be straightened out. Once you got the weight thing under control, that is.
The other looks you should fix vary on the gender. For women, hair volume, clothing, lips and complexion are important. For men, it's physique, hair style and clothing.
But in all this preparation we forget how to "fix" our character, sure outer beauty is important, but what about inner beauty?
Imagine it like this. You have found a strange item, that is hopefully edible. You look at the wrapper and you see it's milk chocolate. You look at the logo, where the words "with caramel" stand. This makes you all jolly, because you love chocolate. But once you open the package, after you purchased it, of course, you see a slice of bread. You think to yourself: "What the hell? I thought I bought chocolate, I want a refund!".
You see where I'm going with this?
You were attracted to the packaging, and that is what made you want to buy it. But with it lacking content, you wanted to return it.
There is also the scenario, where you look for food and you see a bar that says "Shit" on it. You don't even bother looking at it, because you suppose shit will be in there. But what if it were milk chocolate?  Then you missed out, buddy. 
In the end, all that really matters, is what is on the inside. But until you can reach a person's soul you need to go through the external first. Honestly, most of us wouldn't bother, if somebody was to be not what we are attracted to.