Saturday, April 25, 2015

Endless Flow

I was planning on writing and publishing this post yesterday, but as soon as I had time on my hands I was in a loss for words. I guess being inspired to write plays a very important role in the quantity and quality of what you have to say. In that sense, there wouldn't be any better -or worst- time to do that. As most of you don't know, my dad was terminally sick with multiple sclerosis, which meant that each day was a struggle for him. But this struggle, though very hard on us all, ended today. My dad died. I have spent most of the day crying my eyes out, mostly about the fickleness of life and the vanity of existence, which wasn't only due to my father's early death. I guess I should start from the beginning.

Yesterday I spent most of my time studying or watching some silly YouTube videos, as any guy my age would probably do. Around 6(-ish) pm the doorbell rung. As I knew that nor I nor any other family member was expecting any sort of company I felt reluctant and apprehensive while opening the door. There stood a guy, who was around 27, who asked for my mother. I showed him inside and we waited for her to arrive, since I wasn't going to let a stranger sit around in the living room of the house without any companion there to supervise. Even before my mom came he made some sort of introduction as to who he was. He was a guy my mom used to tutor in maths and physics and he came by to visit, since he hadn't talked to her in a while. He was getting back temporarily from a town outside my own, where we has stationed as a soldier.

Before going any further I should mention that the Greek military only appears valiant on paper. Since Greece is really near to the Middle East, we are always war-ready, but as I said before...war-ready on paper. Each and every male under 35 is legally bound to attend the army for 9 months or less. In my case I'm due to serve for 6, since our father was handicapped and being the oldest I was the one who should be there for the family, according to Greek society rules. Thus, I was to be relieved from my army duties earlier than my brother, who has to serve for 9 months.

The guy I'm talking about here, was just a normal guy having his civil responsibilities make him attend. Even after my mom came, he was blabbering about the terrors of stupid army people and the animal-like conditions of living in a barrack. He hated every second of it and he hoped we could at least keep busy reading books in his time there. This caused a storm of emotions from me, although I don't mind going to the army, as I did before, I'm still not fond of the idea. I'm of the opinion that life is a delicate endless flow running down an electric wire. So having your fate be dictated by the goverment feels wrong, even though that kind of repression is nowhere near the conditions in other parts of the world. It's only logical that after the conversation I was pondering about my future and how I should put my affairs in order.

Fast-forward a day later, I am woken up by mother screaming incoherently in Greek.
-I don't detect a pulse. No, that can't be happening. Fuck fuck fuck.
I considered my surroundings and realized that the vibrations on the ground seemed to have their source be at my dad's room. I stood up and ran to the down stairs living room since my mom was there with my twin brother and uncle. I felt that talking would only make my mom desparate to protect her "baby boy's feelings" so I just sat on a big ivory table we have and waited. My uncle soon explained how my dad wasn't breathing properly and how they've already called an ambulance. When the paramedics arrived my mom was screaming a very desperate yet poetic word. " Έσβησε; "

That roughly translated to "did he fade away?".

I saw the look in my mom's face when the bad news were delivered to her. At least what I saw through my own tears was resignation. It was the first time I saw that fierce fearless woman who only got nervous around computers get so idle. I bet most of that doesn't matter to most, but something completely different cracks inside of you when you see someone giving up on the joys of life.

Soon many people - neighbors or otherwise- came to express their condolences and every "he's restin' in Heaven now" made me want to punch something. I don't really believe in the afterlife. People become dead organic matte, much like manure. Manure becomes nitic oxides. Nitric oxides are absorbed my flowers and plants so they can grow. I think I'll go with my theory. My dad's going to be a flower soon. At least that's what I thought of as I helped bring the casket with him in it down the stairs and into the car that was going to bring him to the funeral home. It all sound so fake, so unreal yet so maccabre.

In the end, what I've learned might actually not be the vanity of our plans, but the truth in the most ridiculous phrase in existence. YOLO. Or, you know, Carpe diem.

Sunday, April 5, 2015


Where to start? It's probably not hard to get that I have written/published nothing in the last year. Or, to be more specific, it's going to be a year in 2 weeks. You see, I wanted to catch up in time, it sounds better to say that you've abandoned your blog for "almost a year" than saying "a whole year.

To be honest, it wasn't writer's block that made me pause my endeavors. Hell, I can't even consider myself a writer, thus I can't call it a writer's block or writer's wall to begin with.

The main thing that negated my writing abilites or -better said- my passion to express things which I was too shy to say with the people around me is twofold.

On the one hand, life as a senior took it's toll and has been relentlessly trying to make me go mad with work. I may have my work cut out for me, as all students my age in Greece have, but the strange thing is that one of my life aims has sucessfully been completed. I'm now 18 years old, I have the ability to go and study anything I can dream of in Germany (they'd call my student status as "Abiturient" there) and I could get a scolarship for my studies, since my grades are way far from being average, at least considering German standards. I could practically drop everything and everyone and leave, I'm free, but why do I choose to stay? I could bid my relationship, my family and my friends adieu and never look back and, still, I'd be fine. Most people would kill for that kind of opportunity. But as comforting as that is, I can't see myself leaving Greece. And I can't see myself quiting my endeavors for the Greek exams that allow university studies here.

When one chapter of your life has had its finishing line written for, you either shit yourself, because you're afraid of the unknown or you count your losses and move on. I feel like I'm in that crossroad and no direction seems tempting to me.

On the other hand -so that I don't get extremely off topic- I haven't written in a while, since I have grown with time. I don't need to psychoanalyse myself through my writing anymore. That's not to say that I won't write occasionally on here, but it's going to be mostly about stuff that make me tick. One time I may report about some crazy new gadget that makes my mouth water. Or talk about something I heard a person say. Nevertheless I'm still going to be me, but the wrapper's changed. By that you can tell that the main reason why I've stopped writing is that I'm secure now. I used writing as a way to justify my traits, myself. As a way to qualify myself further. I'd been caged in my own lifestyle and I couldn't do anything but observe the world inside my safezone. Sure, I still have loads of things to do and "heaps" of soul-searching to undergo, as one old friend would have said.

If I had to talk to myself from a year ago I'd probably kick me in the balls. If I had to see myself from 6 years ago, I wouldn't recognise me and if I had to choose my future lifestyle, I'd probably be in denial.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


From - you should check it out.
Today in class a teacher I appreciate very much got to talking about how our society doesn't value the people by their abilities, but rather by how productive they are. People have realized this phenomenon and they are subconsciously trying to get on top of the concurrence pyramid. Because in order to be the best, you need to act the part -that's the sad truth.

I can see it in myself as well. I don't like to be perceived as the weak link or as the push-over of the group. When there is a conversation that makes me irritable, I might make some kind of subtle remark about the topic, such as "Wrap it up, this isn't even worthy of discussion", but I never say that the said topic is just annoying me.

 On the other side, if there is any kind of heated discussion going on, I'm all about it. It is a way to showcase strength. For most guys, the show of strength only is important if someone has offended a skill they have, such as their stamina while running or their ability to solve a maths problem or if a person of interest is nearby. It all boils down to what you're good at.

I am good at human interactions and, hopefully, have some academic skills. So, it's only natural for me to have the wish to feel dominant in these sectors, because honestly my ego is pretty high up there. A person who is or thinks that he is the best at something will undoubtedly be more confident and will want to feel in control. If another person, who is threatening that feeling of superiority, comes into play, then the first'd probably be overcome by aggression and the desire to abolish the threat from the group. It's also plausible that the same first would sink into self-doubt and pity themselves.

Even if we want to call ourselves civilized, there are still many animal-like behavioral patterns which we can't control. The saying that many institutions represent -that of the "make something of yourself"variant-only makes matters worse.

That is, because not only do you have to prove to yourself that you are worthy, but to the others around you that you have what it takes. If society measures your worth based one the ability to be productive, then isn't it understandable to have more of your dignity to protect, thus a heightened desire to be the one in control?

Monday, March 10, 2014

Gigabyte of Yourself

I don't think there is a person on this planet who isn't the slightest bit insecure. It's commonplace to think how you will be perceived by others and there is a certain fear one has for the possibility that you won't make the greatest of impressions.

I remember back in the day; meaning a year ago; when I first started to write onto this blog. It was tough. I had a fear that I wouldn't be recognized as someone who had something to say and was any good at that. I even wrote about being pretentious. It was my way to showcase that everybody, even I, who had nothing to lose, fears rejection and they need to put "masks" on to protect themselves. That post got around 7 views. Three of which were mine. I remember being disappointed that I had nothing good to say. Then I started thinking. People like originality and people need some kind of promotion to have an audience. To gain originality you can only be yourself. Everything else has been said before. Even if some ideas are already used by songs-films-media, it is still your opinion and it is still original. Sure you may have shaped a character based on the stimuli you got from the TV. So what?

I think it was +Anya Felix who once wrote me a comment saying that my writing was great, but I was missing one element. Personality. My post weren't expressing myself. This is not to say that they weren't things I had to say, it was just that people couldn't get to me from the things I wrote.
From that point on I started writing more about my thoughts and opinions and I slowly started building an audience. It also helped that I was writing everyday. I can't forget the first time a post reached over 200 views in just 2 days. I couldn't believe it.

In the process of writing the people who actually helped me get to the point where I didn't care to express myself were +Lance Jones who had a lot to say about anything and everything and, of course, +Adrian James Astorga who was the personification of a gentleman trying to express himself. There have been many people that were great helpers in my everyday life who I will not name and thank, because I hope I'm doing a good job showing my thanks to them in action.

So, lesson of the day: There is nothing better for you than being yourself regardless of the situation.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Relative Validity

Hi, everyone, it has been a month since I last wrote onto here. Responsibilities always take a toll in every life and mine is no exception. I've been pondering a lot lately, whether or not there is an absolute truth. As you may recall I've talked about the absolute reference point; though it seems like ages have passed since then.
I've come to the conclusion that I am into the whole truth relativism "movement", if you can call it that. 

There have definitely been times when we asked a friend or any person, for that matter, to tell us about something that has happened. Most of the times everything sounds more dramatic than it'd be if we experienced ourselves. As there have sure been times where their talking to us about a subject shocked us a lot. For instance, I learned a long time ago that I girl I knew got pregnant and that caused a lot of buzz around school grounds, since she attended the school the year before. Then I started to think that we were making a big deal over something that wasn't even there. Let me explain.

If there had been great trouble the girl had gotten herself into, like drugs and whatnot, then sure, her family would have gotten angry and there would have been something for everybody to gossip about. But the girl had chosen to keep the baby, so at least from a technical point of view the gossip was unjust.
This, I noticed with a friend of mine, who took it very nonchalantly. I asked her why and she simply said "Why should I care if she's fine with it?"

This got me into thinking. We usually don't care about the things that don't affect us directly. Now, for example, Ukraine has received an ultimatum, that if not answered until tomorrow, there is probably going to be war. I care, because Ukraine is near, people in Japan couldn't care less. The mother of the girl who was pregnant got mad that her daughter got knocked up, my friend didn't give a dime (in the name of being polite). If I learned that somebody almost run over a guy on the street I would think about it, but I wouldn't care all that much. If that somebody almost run over a friend, I would be fuming over it. 

See, relative.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


You know how there is a special genre of literature and, consequently, films where there is this person who goes through different stages of their life in a very short time up until the get to the point of adulthood? I've been feeling like that lately. Even though I'm still somewhat off the way to adulthood I think I've evolved a lot these past months. With that in mind I thought I'd be a good opportunity to talk about what it means to be an ''adult'' or to what it means to evolve as a character.

Adulthood is a tricky place. From what I can gather everybody dreams of being an adult and doing whatever they please. We crave freedom and we just have idolized this state so much that it seems like a turning point for most. It seems,  though that it's not that magical of a thing to happen to you. You'll wake up one day and be of age.  That's it.  You are legally allowed to drink alcohol, as if that wasn't the case before, get married without your parents permission, as if it's the dream to get married at the age of eighteen or nineteen. The only thing that seems of some importance is that one gets the chance to vote for the party they favor, but no eighteen-year-old is dreaming of the day they will have more of a responsibility to their land.

It's the season where most people in my circle of friends turn 17 or 18, and soon I'll turn 17 too, but as a friend told me, it's just a number.  I can completely agree; age is just a number, as is money.  Just because it's a number that doesn't mean that it plays no role in life and because it exists that doesn't mean that it plays any deciding part in your every day life.  It is what you make it to be.  If you are ecstatic that you are almost of age, of age or a young adult, great for you, it matters. But apart from that this whole I'm finally older thing isn't that important as a state, as is everything, it's subjective.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year's

With the new year arriving, I'm sure most of us have had this retrospective moment of looking back at what happened in 2013. Some might even have had a melancholic moment of how fleeting life is. But the best thing that the new year brings isn't the gifts you have under your tree, but one small one that has a great impact. Hope.

This tradition in, mostly, western culture of creating resolutions to better oneself aren't all that independent from hope. Because the new year is, well, something new, it's easier to start promising yourself to either start a diet, lose weight, go to the gym three times a week etc. For me it was to be less jealous and possessive, but the essence of this, it's the same. This (somewhat of) a new start, which symbolizes a clean slate facilitates this whole process.

It's not like you'd not be able to achieve your goals any other time of the year, it's just with a new chapter comes a new plot element. But, what you can't control, are the plot twists. Sure you can plan out how much weight you're willing to lose or how buff you will be getting, still that's not to say that something unexpected won't happen to you. This surprise will probably change your perspective, your plans and even part of who you are. In my opinion, this is how dreams are discovered. With planning, you can achieve them, but you have to figure them out first.

Maybe you'll met a person who will radically change your life. Maybe you'll get inspired to start a new project from some quote you read online. Maybe you'll find your other half and, maybe, this is your year.  Anything can happen in the most unexpected way. This is the beauty of a new start. This is the beauty of 2014.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Rant About: Routines

I don't know about you but I like to think of myself as somebody who appreciates originality. May that be "The Fox", the overplayed Gangnam Style or even some over the top graffiti art or a overly romantic, almost sickening, gesture.

I don't have some particular taste in original work, I like everything that seems as if a lot of effort has been put into it. I know people play prude and say anything unusual is absolutely frowned upon, but isn't it in our nature to be creative and idiotic sometimes?

Although creativity is closely related to spontaneity, humans actually create routines very easily. It's even scientifically proven that if you act the same motion more than half an hour your body doesn't think of it. The same goes for routines, like the morning routine or any other kind, even your lifestyle. Sure we want to be original, but we also want to be comfortable. To be comfortable, you need not to worry about every single step you take. Just like the repeated motion thing, if you get used to doing the same thing over and over again, you don't think about it anymore, so you're comfortable.

Yes, just like everything in life this does come with some kind of consequences. If you get used to doing something harmful to yourself? What then?

Let's take smoking, which I don't find the least bit worthy of dying ten years earlier than expected. Along with you getting used to the ritual of taking out the cigarette, putting it in your mouth and so on, your senses learn to ignore the smoke, the taste of it to be exact. It's a usual stimulus, so your receptor cells don't care about it, because it happens often. Because that kind of cells helps you get that there is something new in your surroundings, which could pose some kind of a threat to your well-being.

And that's why I don't like routines, they stop the thinking process. You don't get to process any new information and you fall into a kind of intellectual haze.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Attraction, Infatuation and Love

I've developed a theory on love. Well, I develop theories about everything, so this was bound to happen sometime. This theory I developed while talking to a friend about a similar topic. This had been on my mind for a while now, and since there's the time and the mood to write, let me present my theory!

The dictionary says that attraction- or attractiveness if you'd prefer- is the function of a person , a thing or a place that is meant to attract. On the other hand, it also states that attraction is "the gravitational exerted by one body on another". Even though what I'm trying to talk about is the attraction towards a person, the second -more scientific- definition fits just fine.

In my opinion, attraction is the way your body and, mainly, mind reacts when getting to know somebody. That somebody isn't necessarily someone who is justifiably attractive, it can be anybody, as long as you're compatible with one another. It isn't something premeditated, it's not complicated, it happens, simple as that. More on that on a previous post of mine.

Next up is infatuation. As you'll probably notice, I think that all three of these terms have a set place in their sequence. I believe that it's being attracted by someone, then falling and then loving. Still it's just a theory.

So, infatuation is defined as the state of being carried away by excessive passion. In other words, it's idolizing a person to that extent where you think the other person's faultless and, subsequently, perfect. As beings we want to be perfect or have a glimpse of perfection in our lives. It's no wonder why one can get almost obsessed with connecting to another, who in their view is...perfect. Although, this is identified as love by many, I have come to the conclusion that this is just a stage of getting to loving somebody. And I'll tell you why.

Love, which has been an overly-discussed topic, is the state of getting close enough to a person where you see that they, just like you, have flaws. Furthermore, it's the state where you have gotten used to thinking about them, meaning that they have become a part of your routine, a pleasant one, of course.
In other words love is the habit of wanting, caring and feeling passion.


First off, I need to apologize for my incompetency to keep up with any form of schedule. I just saw that my last post was a month ago- and I was extremely annoyed by my behavior, to be honest- but it's been quite a month. But I need to point out that I haven't been all that absent from the writing process. I have written an article on our not-exactly-but-kind-of school paper. This article is currently on this website, if your interested.

 Also, I'll be leaving for Cologne on the 1st of December, as a school trip for us to learn more about German universities. I'll probably post an article onto here around now, so that you have something to read while I'm gone. But for the time being, I've been busy studying for school and doing other stuff that need to be done.
Still, I'm sorry for not keeping up with my schedule, I've missed writing on this blog, so let me do just that now!


Friday, October 25, 2013


According to the dictionary "news" is the objective spreading of information through a medium. But according all ancient Greek sophists nothing in life is objective. So how can we know if there is such a thing as absolute truth.

For me a tall tree is a tree higher than three meters. For an elephant a high tree is more than five meters high. Subsequently how can we define the absolute meaning of a high tree?

Let's say you hear a newscast about a serious car accident, and there's this person who was an eye witness. He says that the driver wasn't aware of this roadblock, panicked and he made a abrupt turn of the car so, that the care hit a fire hydrant. Would you say that this information is completely true?
The driver might have had a medical incident while driving and there for lost control of the wheel. As long as there was a receptor of that information, there will always be a choice of how they are going to express it. That means that there will never be a concrete truth, but there might be a calm and balanced perspective.

To solve this issue, Protagoras (another sophist) said that everything that happens in our world is measure with the person as a reference point. More on that here. In that sense, there is no need to find the truth about something, because you can't, since everything is relevant.

With this in mind I need to point out that does not apply in moral issues. For those issues responsibility takes society, who instills a moral compass, an similar one to every person to be exact, through socialization. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Maslow's Pyramid of Needs

You know how there is the "I'm going to die if I don't drink water today!" and "I'm going to die if they see me like this!" ?
So, there is this thing called "Hierarchy of Needs", which was created by a very clever psychologist who basically  cut our need into groups (physiological, safety, love, esteem and self-actualization).

Physiological needs are the physical requirements for human survival. If these requirements are not met, the human body cannot function properly, which ultimately leads to death. Physiological needs are the most important, which means they should be met first. Such needs are displayed in the picture above.
With their physical needs relatively satisfied, one's safety needs take dominate behavior. In the absence of physical safety – due to war, natural disaster,family violencechildhood abuse, etc. – people may not function well in a sense extending to lack of sleep, or no appetite, to even more serious conditions such post-traumatic stress. In this day and age there are other aspects of life that need security. Such are:
  • Personal security
  • Financial security
  • Health and well-being

According to Maslow, humans need to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance among their social groups, regardless if these groups are large or small. Humans need to love and be loved – both sexually and non-sexually – by others. If there are deficiencies in this sector, then the individual will not be able to form any meaningful relationships in the future.

All humans have a need to feel respected; this includes the need to have self-esteem and self-respect. Esteem presents the typical human desire to be accepted and valued by others. People often engage in a profession or hobby to gain recognition, like the satisfaction one gets while boasting about any and every achievement of theirs. 

Self-actualization is difficult to define.  self-actualizer is a person who is living creatively and fully using his or her potentials. This is the principle that sits behind "Carpe diem" and "what a man can be, a man must be".

System of Exchange

"But I've done so much for you and you still are treating me like shit!"

I think everybody has, at least once, gotten themselves in a similar situation, where they think they deserve more, because they have given more.

Today I want to discuss this system we have "developed", but to be totally honest this isn't something we have achieved, it's something that dates back to the ice age.

In the religious sector there were-and technically still are in some places of the world- some rituals that are based on this concept. Animal offerings and offerings in general are such examples. If you give the Gods something they appreciate than you will be fine, because you will be on their white list.

In the financial sector there is something we call money. Which we trade, in order to take something else in return. In other words, we give something that we think has great value, so we can have something of equal value. Does that ring a bell? Maybe the "why doesn't he/she love me back, when I've done so much to show him/her how much I want him/her" ?  We give something to somebody and we expect another form of this something to come to us, without actually giving this a second thought.

In the social sector- taking the family as an example- this example, at least in some cases, doesn't exist. But in the "fair" society we live in, based on the notion that everybody is responsible for their own mess, it goes something like this. Mum is in charge of the cooking, in return Dad is responsible of bringing money to the house and in return the children should tidy their rooms/throw out the trash and do their homework. If seen less stereotypically, Mum should cook some times and work to bring home the bacon and Dad should, in return, compensate in the way that he cooks some times, too and works.

With this in mind, I need to point out that this is what we have defined as "fair". This concept isn't something we have created, but this is how people are.

Biological Unspoken Laws Of Allurement

According to studies sex,gender, sexual behavior and preference are completely different things.
 Well, not completely different, just completely individual from one another. I had this idea to talk to you about this for a long time and now I also have the time! So, let's talk about "sexy".

Sexy is something subjective. But what is it that makes us perceive something as unique and sexy?
Darwin said that some humans( or animals) get lucky more often due to sexual selection. What that means is that a member of a species, let's say a female peacock, constantly prefers another peacock which suits its criteria. This is what humans call "type".

In the example of the peacock, the male ones have a more flamboyant feather pattern on their tails as the females. This pattern is to show that a certain peacock is healthy, strong and has good genes, therefore ready to get it on.
But enough with the peacocks. Humans have evolved to like more traits than others and those preferences date back to when the survival of the species was necessarily important. In that sense, what we perceive as beauty is basically a showcase of health and fertility information about a person. That's the reason why there exists a thing called make-up. Shiny means health and healthy is appealing.

By the same token, people are also attracted to symmetry. Meaning the well-known hip-to-waist ratio (or more commonly what people call and hourglass figure for women for example). This basically means, that person produces the ideal amount of sex hormones - estrogen or testosterone.

Although, this is a globally accepted appears, you as a person may feel a little bit "meh" towards somebody genetically perfect. Well, that is what is called pheromones. Every single one of us produces different signals which we call "good chemistry" when matching with another person.

Friday, September 20, 2013

The Absolute Reference Point

If we had defined this as "cable", then the cables we know
would be something different
I had a very...deep conversation with one of my classmates today. We were sitting in class with the teacher talking and doing his job(this one teaches religion- yes, we have a class about religion) and this guy and I start talking about the difference between realities. While we were having this conversation, which had the result of both of us agreeing that a window is only a window, because we have defined a square glass structure as a window, inspiration stroke.

Area A and Area B are the same color
The thing was that while we had this extremely deep/ spur of the moment kind of discussion, the teacher talked about how there is this notion that God exists as an ethical reference point to all humans.
This piqued my interest a lot, because if you think about it all humans need some higher power to rule them in order to function. This power isn't necessarily God, it can be a politician, or some other kind of compass- ethical, emotional or logical- to point in a desired direction. Such as an author you are obsessed with or a singer who makes some kind of statement about rights/life or even expresses some arbitrary opinion.

Biologically speaking, this pattern can be found in our behavior, as well as the eye. Our eyes, as studies suggest, interpret colors based on a comparison the brain makes between the other colors in the room. So in short, the eye takes mental notes of a color and then figures out what another color is, based on the initial reference point.

Psychologically speaking, this pattern is what drives our desire to have a leader. This very same principle applies to animals that form packs. We need somebody to act as a role model, so that we, as humans, can see that our behavior is acceptable. By the same token, peer pressure usually has this much effect on people, because the meaning of "acceptable" actions is shifted within a group. If you see your close friend smoking and all your other friends do the exact same thing, then it is more likely for you to actually imitate the same action, just because your reference point are your friends. This becomes even more intense if you are asked to smoke.

With the same mindset, this is what makes us decide what is beautiful or not. We take a reference point- let's say a person we admire- and then we try to imitate their style. From then on, everything associated with this kind of style suddenly becomes what we call "appealing" or "beautiful".

Basically, as humans, our perception of the world is a mix of reference points serving as axes, for us to revolve around.